Take a min, chill out, and watch our latest video on How We Decompress From Stress.  


Check out this video we made for NPR’s series on stress with animator Avi Ofer:

I munched on some grasshopper burgers and fried mealworms yesterday at the pop-up Pestaurant put on by Ehrlich Pest Control at the Occidental Grill in Washington, D.C. The verdict. Not bad. Just another salty snack. Read more at NPR’s The Salt.

Bridal shower portrait of @meowdiao. Can wait for the wedding!


The nine of us at Multimedia Beast have very different perspectives but on occasion we can come together and make the perfect pair. Here are some of our favorite diptychs from our weekly photo posts

at Kings Beach

#homesweethome #tahoelife (at Stateline Lookout Trail)

#viewfromthebus #commute

#picturesthatlooklikepaintings #mmbeast

Homemade lava at Syracuse University with @cadamole. #lavaproject #onassignment #feildtrip

Leaning in for the kiss. #commute

Union Market #photobattle vs. @zvisco


An arrow here, an arrow there, arrows everywhere. Today we’re posting arrow pictures at Multimedia Beast. Join in an show us what you’ve got at #arrowBeast or just check out our blog post Dog-ARROW-Type